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May 30, 2022

In the intricate context of aluminum extrusion industry, the aluminium extrusion die stands as a critical elemental, shaping raw aluminum into bespoke profiles that underpin diverse applications across construction, automotive, aerospace industries and other industries.

This article aims to provide a holistic understanding of the intricate world of aluminium extrusion die, addressing the diverse needs and challenges faced by professionals in the field, from the basic types of extrusion dies to the latest technological trends revolutionizing the industry.

Join us as we navigate the journey from traditional processes to the forefront of automation, exploring how these advancements enhance efficiency, reliability, and overall project success. Furthermore, you can discover latest technological trends and innovations in aluminum extrusion die design, providing a glimpse into the future of the industry.

The Twelfth International Aluminium Extrusion Seminar & Expositions ET 2022, held in Orlando, Florida, ended successfully. Aluminium industry leaders had the opportunity to examine the challenges and the opportunities of the market. Leading industry suppliers presented innovative solutions, specifically designed for aluminum extruders. The three days were very busy and fruitful, with a lot of opportunities to connect and exchange opinions with specialists from all over the world.


Our experts, Giacomo Mainetti and Pierpaolo Longhi, were attending the exhibition, representing our company and its innovative software solutions, which have attracted the interest of many aluminum extrusion companies from all over the world.

Giacomo Mainetti, our CTO, presented his paper during the Technical Sessions of ET’2022. The paper was titled “Analysis of the Extrusion Pressure Curve to Monitor and Stabilize the Alloy Extrusion Process”, outcome of a long and deep research and development, carried out with our partner MTD SA.

The paper described how it is possible to monitor the pressure curve and calculate some important KPIs, like mean flow stress “Kf” and redundant work factor “Ф”, to supervise the quality and the stability of the extrusion process, checking different parameters involved in the process such as casting quality, billet temperature and die extrudability.

The paper was met with great interest from the aluminum extrusion professionals participating at the event: the hall was completely full and the presentation was one of the most participated of the entire conference.

This is a clear sign that our research is going in the right direction; innovative tools are extremely important for the aluminium extrusion industry, increasingly committed to focus its development on high-quality products, stable processes and complete traceability.

Here are the impressions that Pierpaolo Longhi, our CFO and Account Manager, shared with us after the exhibition:

“This was my second ET participation and I saw it growing and growing compared to the previous edition. The overall experience was very good with viable meetings, either with clients and prospects and, in general, with very qualified and skilled audience.

The general mood was very positive and excited, probably because this was one of the first live events after a two-year break, caused by Covid-19.

We will surely attend the next edition, hoping it will keep growing and growing.”

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