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Publicación del Informe Anual 2022 de Atieuno

Feb 8, 2023

Ya está disponible nuestro informe anual, en el que se exponen los resultados obtenidos y los hechos clave del año; lo divulgamos públicamente para ser lo más transparentes posible con todas nuestras partes interesadas, socios y clientes potenciales.
Aluminium extrusion industry market insights in the Annual Report 2022

Atiue Uno Informatica Annual Report 2022 highlights

In 2022, we at Atie Uno Informatica have been focused on developing sustainable and digital solutions for our customers, as well as exploring new business strategies.

We started our new marketing and ESG strategies, to express our commitment in reaching both economic and social targets and to see the value created from a broader perspective.

2022 was marked by important events, such as the management change, completion of our rebranding strategy, our new visual identity launch, products updates and commercial expansion and consolidation.

Discover all the details in the Annual Report 2022!


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