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Press Supervisor

Extrusion Press Supervision for effective press management

Press supervisor is a system that performs extrusion press supervision and optimizes the aluminium extrusion process. This is a core module of our Extrusion Management System as thanks to its Auto Tuning feature it finds the BEP (best extrusion parameters) after each extrusion run.
We have developed this module, based on our know-how, experience and expertise, enabling the aluminium extrusion plants to collect production data for analysis, to obtain effective extrusion press management, and as a consequence optimizing the entire aluminium extrusion process.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface the Press Supervisor allows the fine-tuning of the best extrusion parameters, achieving high production performances while decreasing production costs.


Billet Optimization – set the optimal billet length

Extrusion Parameters – set the best extrusion parameters

Billet heater – track the furnace content

Last billets extruded – real-time process charts

Extrusion press supervision software for best extrusion paraemters


Set best extrusion parameters to PLCs

Logs loading

Cast number tracking

Die trial

Digital job order and Die information

Die setup simulation

Die pre-heating oven

Cooling parameters

Stretcher parameters

Finish saw and Stacking parameters


Real weight per meter

Billet length optimization

First billet parameters

Multiple billets or multiple run-outs to manage heavy or light profiles

Central scrap with 2 different lengths

Sample cut

Cut on the joint


History of extrusion parameters

Automatic collection of downtimes

Automatic collection of die changes

Automatic collection of extrusion

Automatic collection of extrusion data including gross kg and technical scrap

Extrusion data by team

Automatic collection of logs consumption

Extrusion data visibility by order, die, shift, day, week or month

Billet by billet data

The Extrusion Press Supervision performance could be boost by adding EMS One modules and functionalities:

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Press Supervisor


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