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Advanced Aluminium Extrusion Die Technologies and Innovations

In the intricate context of aluminum extrusion industry, the aluminium extrusion die stands as a critical elemental, shaping raw aluminum into bespoke profiles that underpin diverse applications across construction, automotive, aerospace industries and other industries.

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Aluminium extrusion dies technologies

Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers between challenges and Future Trends

As the demand for lightweight and sustainable materials continues to rise, aluminium extrusion manufacturers find themselves at the forefront of innovation. In this article, we delve into the challenges faced by aluminium extrusion manufacturers and explore the future trends that shape the aluminium extrusion industry.

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Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers challenges


In the aluminum extrusion industry, the analysis of data plays a crucial role in optimizing efficiency and enhancing product quality: with the advent of advanced analytics platforms, businesses can harness the power of data to drive informed decisions and gain a competitive edge.

This article has the intention to explore the application of Extrusion Intelligence, a Qlik Sense-powered analytics tool, in analyzing data for aluminum extrusion, highlighting its benefits and potential impact.

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Aluminium extrusion process transforms aluminium alloy into an extraordinary variety of products that make easier our everyday life – at home, on the road, on the water and in the space and air, at work or school, at the stadium and the playgrounds. The aluminium extrusion products have myriad uses.
This guide has the intention to provide an extensive overview of the aluminium extrusion process including its main types and the main steps involved.

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Aluminium extrusion process and aluminium profiles and products

Publicación del Informe Anual 2022 de Atieuno

Ya está disponible nuestro informe anual, en el que se exponen los resultados obtenidos y los hechos clave del año; lo divulgamos públicamente para ser lo más transparentes posible con todas nuestras partes interesadas, socios y clientes potenciales.

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Aluminium extrusion industry market insights in the Annual Report 2022

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