Exrusion Intelligence software for aluminium extrusion facilities.

Extrusion intelligence

Extrusion Intelligence | Mejora de las instalaciones de extrusión de aluminio.

Extrusion Intelligence is an advanced data analytical software, that empowers aluminium extruders to make data-driven decisions and take actions that boost the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) in the aluminium exrtusion facilities.

Specially designed for the aluminium extrusion industry, this vertical tool use our advanced aluminium extrusion technology to provide powerful insights and key indicators to the decision makers, highlighting process inefficiencies and offering the possibility to boost productivity, reduce operational cost and to improve the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
Extrusion intelligence performs the aluminium extrusion process investigation based on Path of Analysis, starting with the analysis of a macro indicator and then scaling down to the smallest details helping to discover the part of the process that needs to be improved in aluminium extrusion facilities.

Principales ventajas de Aluminium Extrusion Intelligence

Mejora de la eficiencia operativa

Mejora de la calidad de los datos

Mayor ventaja competitiva

Extrusion intelligence software charts for alluminium extrusion facilities.
Extrusion intelligence with 100 indicators for aluminium extrusion facilities.

Business Intelligence en la extrusión del aluminio: Indicadores clave de la eficacia global de los equipos

The OEE Analysis provides a comprehensive snapshot of plant efficiency.
It is divided into three metrics: Availability, Performance and Quality: every indicator lets understand where actions shall be taken to improve continuously the production:

El indicador de Disponibilidad incluye el análisis de los Tiempos Muertos, Tiempos de Parada, Pruebas, Cambios de matrices

El indicador de rendimiento incluye el análisis de la chatarra técnica y la velocidad

El indicador de calidad incluye el análisis de la chatarra de calidad

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