Atieuno magazine 2022

Magazine_ 2 edizione

#2 The second issue of Atieuno Magazine 4.0.

Atieuno at Aluminium 2022, Dusseldorf

The second issue of Atieuno Magazine is full of insights and impressions from our participation at Aluminium 2022, Düsseldorf. It provides an in-depth look at one of the most important industry’s events this year. Inside you will find our team’s impressions of the fair together with event’s highlights and industry’s hot topics.

Magazine_ 1 edizione

#1 The first issue of Atieuno Magazine 4.0

The voice of the company

Atieuno Magazine 4.0 comes from the need to give all our customers, partners and stakeholders a preview of the events and insights taking place in our company.

The magazine was selected as a communication channel to highlight the most important facts and latest developments with the purpose to keep you up-to-date on events, collaborations, innovations and upcoming news!

Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for future editions!!!